Creative fun for all ages



What We Do

The Ceramics Café offers you the opportunity

to create something that is uniquely yours


When you arrive we will greet you, take you to your table and explain how we do things to get the best results. Starting with a plain white blank (bisque) shape, you paint on your design using ceramic paints (underglazes). We fire it for you in the kiln, and your piece is ready for collection within 2-4 days. Its great fun!


We use the best quality material and fire our items high to make them strong enough for everyday use. All bisqueware comes from our own factory.


Your item will be ready for collection 2-3 days later

"I enjoyed myself so

much; I want to come every week now"



tel : 01304 212 422



We can accommodate up to 38 painters and have a dedicated area at the rear of the studio for large parties.